Program (abstracts can be found here)

09:00-09: 30            Arrival with coffee/tea

09:30-10:00             Guszti Eiben (Vrije Universiteit) “Evolution in wetware, software and hardware: what can we learn?”

10:00-10:30             Frietson Galis (Naturalis Biodiversity Center) “Developmental constraints and body plan evolution”

10:30-10:45             poster pitches

10:45-11:15             Coffee/tea

11:15-12:15             Parallel sessions I & II of contributed talks (Auditorium & Tuinzaal)

12:15-13:15             Lunch with network opportunities

13:15-14:30             Poster session

14:30-15:00             Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute-KNAW) “Weird divisions: Evolutionary dynamics of eukaryotic kinetochores”

15:00-16:00             Parallel sessions III & IV of contributed talks (Auditorium & Tuinzaal)

16:00-16:15             Tea/coffee

16:15-16:30              Poster pitches

16:30-17:00              General assembly of NLSEB members

17:00-17:20              Musical intermezzo: “The Happy Face Spiders”

17:20-18:30              Poster session with drinks

18:30-18:35              Announcement poster prize winners

18:35-20:00              Dinner with optional round-table discussions