– NLSEB meeting 2021 

– NLSEB PhD/Post-doc meeting 2021 

– Origins meeting 2021

– Predicting evolution workshops via the origins center

– Evolution in the Top2000

> NLSEB meeting 2021

We had to cancel the NLSEB 2020 meeting unfortunately, but are now looking forward to the 2021 meeting!

It will be an online scientific event in the afternoons of Monday 19 April and Tuesday 20 April, followed by a social event on Wednesday 21 April.

We will explore the possibility of having the social event live in Utrecht or Ede. If this is possible, we may include live poster presentations!

For now: please save the dates!

> NLSEB PhD/Postdoc meeting 2021

Also this meeting will be an online scientific event, which will take place in the mornings of Monday 19 April and Tuesday 20 April.

>Origins meeting 2021

Origins 2021 online conference: JANUARY 27 & 28, 2021, 9.00 – 17.30 CET. At this conference, a multidisciplinary group of scientists, including geoscientists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and astronomers will update each other about recent developments in their fields. The goal is to mutually inspire one another and to start exciting new interdisciplinary collaborations. The topics of the meeting are aligned with the main research themes of the Origins Center. They are:

  • The origin of habitable planets and life
  • Predicting the evolution of life
  • Building and steering life
  • Finding extraterrestrial life
  • Life as an emergent phenomenon

For more information and registration check:

> Predicting evolution workshps by the origins center

A subgroup of the Origins Center focusing on predicting evolution is organizing a series of (online) workshops for the Dutch predicting-evolution community. The goal of this workshop series is to teach each other techniques and “languages” used in different subfields of evolution, to, for example, facilitate future  collaborations. 

(info: )!

*Importantly*these are educational talks rather than seminars showing newest and coolest results. The goal is to learn why to use a certain approach (when is it useful and when is it not), and how.

The next workshop on February 16th will be: “what do we talk about if we talk about networks”. By Bas Teusink (metabolic networks) and Werner Daalman (protein-protein interaction networks). 

> Evolution song in the top 2000

Colleagues at the Laboratory of Genetics at Wageningen University would like to get a song about evolution into the Top 2000! How? Well, with your help, of course! The song is already selected, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” by Nightwish. So go to before December 7th and cast your vote!

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