NLSEB 2019 is also a great opportunity for networking

The second NLSEB meeting will again have great talks and posters but it will also be a place to meet evolutionary biologists and to discuss future projects and proposals. We will use the lunch and the dinner breaks for this:

Lunch: we will reserve a few tables during lunch where PhD students and young post-docs can have lunch with one or two senior evolutionary biologists. The discussion can be on the research of the PhD students but also on other aspects of scientific life, such as career development and funding opportunities to make the step to a first post-doc.

– If you are a PhD student or young post-doc who is interested then e-mail

– If you are a senior and interested in having lunch to talk about the research of the young scientists (and not about your own work …. ) then also e-mail

Dinner: during dinner we will a few tables that can be used to discuss upcoming grant opportunities (such as the National Science Agenda, Zwaartekracht, TTW Perspectief or NWO Groot), a specific scientific challenge, or to get together with a group of PhD students to get to know each other.

– You can ‘reserve a table’ (first come, first served) by e-mailing and then mention the ‘topic’ to be discussed at this table.

– We will put up lists of tables with convener and topic at the meeting so that people can sign in. The number of people per table is fixed, so there it is also first come, first served.

We hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity for networking: meet the other evolutionary biologists!

The NLSEB2019 committee