– Cancelation NLSEB meeting 2020 

– Save the date: NLSEB2021, April 19/20th  2021

– NLSEB prize 2019: and the winner is…… Langqing Liu.

– Call for nominations for the NLSEB prize 2020.

– Virtual seminar series about evolution, you don’t wanna miss….

– Agenda

> Cancelation NLSEB meeting September 2020

We unfortunately have decided to cancel the NLSEB2020 and NLSEB PhD/Postdoc meetings that was scheduled to take place on 23 and 24 September 2020 at Akoesticum, Ede. The uncertainties and current restrictions due to COVID-19 make a physical meeting impossible. Participants of these canceled meetings who paid for registration are eligible for a refund. They are contacted by our treasurer.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the organizing committees. They spend a lot of time and effort to organize -what promised to be- a great meeting. So THANKS to:

The PhD meeting organizers: Melanie Lindner, Ben Auxier, Kathryn Stewart, Astrid Kruitwagen and Kiran Gurung.

NLSEB2020 organizers: Marian Bremer, Katja Peijnenburg, Sijmen Schoustra, Arjan de Visser and Jacintha Ellers.  

> Save the date for the NLSEB2021 meeting April 19/20th 2021! 

PhD/Postdoc meeting: April 19th 2021

NLSEB2021: April 20th 2021  

We are looking forward to see you then – either live at Akoesticum (Ede) or online!

> Join the PhD/Postdoc meeting!On April 20, the day before the NLSEB2020 meeting, the first PhD/Postdoc meeting takes place. The event provides early-career researchers an additional platform to connect, share their research, and brainstorm in an inspiring but casual environment. The event will conveniently be held at the venue of the NLSEB2020 meeting (Akoesticum, Ede) and includes meals and an optional over-night stay.

For more information and registration – before March 6 – visit the website

> Netherlands Evolutionary Biology prize2019, and the winner is…. Langqing LiuThe winner of the Netherlands Evolutionary Biology prize for the best publication in evolutionary biology published in 2019 is the paper by Langqing Liu and coauthors: Genomic analysis on pygmy hog reveals extensive interbreeding during wild boar expansion (Nature Communications 10, Article number: 1992 (2019)). This paper analyzes the genomes of the endangered Pygmy hog, and compares them to the genomes of individuals from nine other wild pig species, to reconstruct the evolutionary history of pig species. This evolutionary history is characterized by the recent successful expansion of one species, Wild boar, across a large geographic range, which completely replaced other pig species from the area; the Pygmy hog is the only surviving pig species that has not gone extinct in the Wild boar expansion area. The paper demonstrates that the expanding Wild boar did not simply replace the existing species, but it ‘absorbed’ them: clear evidence is presented of admixture between Wild boar and other pig species that it encountered during colonization, including Pygmy hog, whereby Wild boar incorporated genetic information from these other species into its genome. The authors argue that such admixture can have contributed significantly to the colonizing success of Wild boar, as the incorporation of genetic information from other species can have provided a genetic basis for adaptation to local environments encountered during colonization. The paper is a well-written and exciting example of how new genomic information can be used to infer evolutionary histories of species, and moreover to address the role that admixture plays in successful colonization. The jury was impressed by the comprehensive population genomic analyses, which produced clear results. These results have broad impact on the question what makes some species successful colonizers, which is a question that is relevant in many taxa.  

Prof. Paulien Hogeweg, Prof. Sander Tans and Dr. Koen Verhoeven

Jury of the Netherlands Evolutionary Biology prize

> Call for nominations for the NLSEB prize 2020NLSEB will award a prize for the best peer-reviewed paper in evolutionary biology published in 2020. This Netherlands Evolutionary Biology Prize will be awarded to the first or last author of the selected paper, who will receive €500 in recognition of her or his achievement. In addition, the winner will present their paper in a plenary lecture at the 2021 NLSEB meeting. For more information please check

All NLSEB members are invited to submit nominations. In order to nominate a first or last author of a paper on evolutionary biology, please send a PDF of the manuscript and a brief motivation (no more than half a page) by e-mail to Deadline for the submission of nominations is January 31, 2021. Prof. Paulien Hogeweg, Dr. Marjon de Vos and Dr. Koen Verhoeven will be in charge of selecting the winning paper.

> Virtual Seminar SeriesOver the last months several interesting virtual seminars have been/are starting up.

Please share with us interesting seminar series you know about (

Two interesting seminar series are:

1) Every Wednesday at 18:00 (Dutch Time) the EcoEvo seminar takes place with spectacular speakers:

2) In the Netherlands the origins center ( will start a multidisciplinary seminar series on the origins of life in October 2020 (stay tuned).

> Mark your calendar

Is your favorite event missing from this calendar? 
Please drop us a line at and we’ll add it!

September 1st deadline for registration for the 25th DZG Graduate Meeting Evolutionary Biology (aka the 1st DZG ONLINE Graduate Meeting) to be held on the 28-3 September is still open.

( )  

October 15th deadline for submission of symposium proposals for ESEB 2021 us on Twitter:@NLSEB_evolutionYou are receiving this email either because you are a member of NLSEB or because you have registered for the NLSEB 2019/2020 meeting. If you do not wish to receive these emails in the future, please let us know at