Dear NLSEB members and meeting participants,

To our regret, we have to postpone the NLSEB 2020 and the NLSEB PhD/PostDoc 2020 meetings that were going to take place on 20 and 21 April. We have waited with this decision, perhaps against better judgement, to see how the corona crisis would develop. But two days ago the Dutch government has cancelled all meetings up to the first of June. We have already made a reservation for the Akoesticum for

23 September: NLSEB PhD/PostDoc meeting 2020

24 September: NLSEB 2020

We sincerely hope that in September things are back to normal and that the meetings can take place as planned. So, please reserve these dates!

We will try to retain the program as much as possible. As for registration fees: those of you who have registered but will not be able to attend the meeting(s) in September will get reimbursed. We will be in touch about this after the September meetings.

Note that we will have the NLSEB 2020 General Assembly in April, but that this will be in some digital form. We will inform you about this soon.

We hope that you are all well.


With best wishes,

On behalf of the board, Marcel Visser

On behalf of the NLSEB organising committee, Marian Bemer

On behalf of the NLSEB PhD/Post-doc meeting, Melanie Lindner