NLSEB will award a prize for the best peer-reviewed paper in evolutionary biology published in 2021 by an author who is affiliated with a Dutch research institution. This Netherlands Evolutionary Biology Prize will be awarded to the first or last author of the selected paper, who will receive €500 in recognition of her or his achievement. In addition, the winner will be allowed to present their paper in a 20 minutes plenary lecture at the 2022 NLSEB meeting.

All NLSEB members are invited to submit nominations. In order to nominate a first or last author of a paper on evolutionary biology, please send a PDF of the manuscript and a brief motivation (no more than half a page) by e-mail to Deadline for the submission of nominations is January 31, 2022.

Eligible nominations will be evaluated by a jury consisting of Prof. Paulien Hogeweg, Dr. Marjon de Vos and Dr. Koen Verhoeven, who will be in charge of selecting the winning paper. The following eligibility criteria apply:

–  Nominated papers must have been published online or in print within the year 2021, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

–  Papers can only be nominated by members of NLSEB; nominating a paper of your own is allowed.

–  The first/last author of the nominated paper was affiliated with a Dutch research institution at the time the research was executed; they need not necessarily be a member of NLSEB.