Agenda General Assembly 2020

Location:       online meeting via Zoom

Date:              21-Apr-2020

Time:              16:00

Chair:             Marcel Visser

Attended by:  ## NLSEB members


  1. Opening
  2. President’s report
  3. Financial report and policy plan
    1. Result of the online vote
    1. Discussion
  4. Composition of the board
  5. Upcoming NLSEB meetings
  6. Announcements and opportunity for sharing news
  7. Questions before closure of the meeting

Guidelines for the online meeting

  1. Join the meeting via or
    access through Skype for Business via the link;
  2. Please leave your microphone off if you are not speaking;
  3. If you want to ask a question, or share your comments and opinion, use the `cartoon hand‘ (the online equivalent of raising your hand) and wait for the chair or moderator to invite you to switch on your microphone/camera.